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Whether you are just responsible for organizational standards, or must also meet external certifications and regulations, maintaining compliance is a critical part of your operations.    Additionally, complex inter-department, HR and personnel processes are time consuming for your staff.  

Today, there are a variety of solutions to help with all of your operational processes and workflows, that will improve staff efficiencies, ensure all tasks are accomplished, and reduce errors and risk.  

From employee onboarding and offboarding to process automation and contractor management, Advanced Security Consulting will help you develop solutions to ensure the highest level of security operations and compliance.


Automation Development Services


Operation Documentation

Our team works with your organization to identify roles, policies, processes, workflows, dependencies and all criteria involved with your operations.  This process also helps to identify potential opportunities for improvement in processes.  Once operational activities are documented, that information is used to identify solutions for process automation.


Process Automation

Most operational tasks can be automated with the appropriate system to improve efficiencies within the organization.  Dependencies and timelines are developed into workflows within the automation system.  Many tasks can be automated, and will alert the appropriate personnel when actions are required.  Additionally, these systems can expand to other departments within the organization to further increase value and ROI.


Compliance Superhero

With the proper selection and implementation of an automation solution, compliance becomes, well, automatic.  All processes include timelines to remind personnel of required actions well before they are due, and alerts are sent to appropriate managers when there are issues.  If any dependency is not met or falls out of compliance, privileges are immediately suspended and all related personnel are notified.  

Audits are no longer a list of faults, but reports that show effective compliance. 

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Your success is our goal.  Our experts will help you identify and develop an automation system for your operational success.


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