Consulting Services We Provide

The Physical Security Optimization program may contain any combination of these and other services. 

Assessment Services

General Services


Our general consulting services can include a wide range of support tasks, with the primary goal of recommending modifications and improvements for systems and procedures.  These tasks typically include observation of current operations, staff interviews, evaluation of systems, and documentation of findings with potential resolutions or improvements.  These services can be tailored to the objectives of the security manager and can be as comprehensive as required.  Our experience allows us to develop projects with long range objectives and achieve the highest overall investment value.

Assessments & Audits


Assessment or Audit services have the primary goal of evaluating systems, policies, procedures, and other aspects of the security department to identify effectiveness, liabilities, compliance, and overall performance.  This process involves observation of current operations, staff interviews, site surveys and review of department documentation. These findings will be presented in printed form and in conference, with recommendations for potential resolutions or improvements.

ESRM Engagement


Enterprise Security Risk Management is a continuous improvement program that works with upper management to address and mitigate security risks at all levels and within all Departments in an organization.  Advanced Security Consulting will help your organization develop an ESRM program to identify assets and risks, and engage mitigation, training and evaluation processes to ensure your organization’s Mission and Goals are met.

Development Services

Policy & Procedure


Policy is simply a set of guidelines to help a company achieve its goals and objectives.  Procedure is instruction for how those policies will be followed.   From the report of an Audit or Assessment, Policies are developed or modified to identify operational expectations based on the organization’s business model.   Procedures are created or modified to provide a structure that will result in policy compliance.  This process should identify technology and resources that will help effect compliance.

Program Development


The security systems you depend on to secure your organization have risks and vulnerabilities of their own.  Advanced Security Consulting can help you identify solutions and activities to ensure the resiliency of those systems and be better informed on their health in real time.  We can help you identify opportunities to become more self-sufficient in the management of those systems. Additionally, we can help you develop the convergence between your physical and cyber security operations.

Systems Design


Design services focus specifically on development of physical security systems.  This can be for the expansion or improvement of existing systems, or purchase, installation, and implementation of new systems.  These services will provide comprehensive documentation for work scope, specifications, diagrams, and plans that will allow contractors to effectively bid and install the proposed systems.   Accurate and proficient project design will help ensure cost management, timely implementation, project success, and minimal frustration on the part of everyone involved.

Project Management


Project Management services provide direction and oversight for the purchase, installation, and implementation of security system projects developed by Advanced Security Consulting.  Even the best designed projects can be compromised with improper installation or poor direction.  Competent management with attention to detail helps to ensure that project specifications and objectives are met while minimizing delays, cost overruns, and headaches.



Comprehensive training on today's complex security systems is vital to ensure that the full potential of those systems is realized.  There are many standard features and capabilities that may not be used by the security department simply because they are not understood or developed properly.    Advanced Security Consulting will evaluate systems being used by the security department and develop a training program that addresses the capabilities of those systems.  We will work with the department manager to prioritize system capabilities and develop the training to fit the operations of that department.

Compliance Solutions


 Whether for enforcement of your own policies and procedures or to meet regulatory requirements, compliance management solutions can provide the operation and process control needed to ensure consistent adherence, along with reporting and audit validation tasks. Advanced Security Consulting provides services to help identify, develop and implement those solutions to ensure critical security operational activities are not missed and to maintain proper credential life-cycle management, resulting in reduced enterprise risk, potential non-compliance fines and improving operational efficiencies.  

Management Services

Program Management


From Production activities to Security Operations Centers, Advanced Security Consulting can help you develop security programs to meet your organization’s needs. We can help with position hiring and development processes to establish 1st class security teams and services. Additionally, we can help you with enterprise engagement to create operational credibility from the C-Suite to the client.

Predictive Systems Services


With today’s complex security systems and devices, it is critical to know the health of those systems and be able to address issues quickly.  Advanced Security Consulting can help identify and develop solutions that monitor the condition of all system components to minimize down time and risk vulnerabilities.  Most failures can be anticipated by monitoring predictable conditions to provide alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Product Lifecycle Management


Advanced Security Consulting can help develop a Product Lifecycle Management Program by creating an inventory of security devices and systems, and establishing preventative maintenance plans, operational costing, service tracking and reporting programs.  Through a Lifecycle Management Program, you will reduce overall cost of operations, improve systems reliability and be able to budget operational cost more accurately.