Physical Security Optimization™



Physical Security Optimization™ Is one of our advanced consulting services that develop excellence in the security operations of an organization through a continuous cycle of improvement to current conditions, using a simple change management approach: Analyze, Adapt, Educate, Execute, repeat.  


Analyze the existing physical security conditions of an organization with the objective of identifying opportunities in all domains for improvements that will provide operational efficiencies and enhancements, reduce corporate risk, increase security credibility, and engage enterprise resources to achieve the maximum potential for security operations.


Adapt improvement opportunities identified by developing a security plan to engage those improvements through manageable, phased activities.  These improvements could be modifications of existing activities and resources, addition of other solutions to improve capabilities, or replacement with more effective options.


Educate all employee groups as appropriate to their activities to provide introduction, explanation, motivation and training for the security plan before, during and after implementation.


Execute the improvements as scheduled and directed in the security plan.


The PSO cycle will continue at each level with refinements identified to account for previous activities, developments and updated goals.

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