Mary Dunphy

Mary is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of IT development and management, and with organizations from small companies to small countries.  She is a trusted advisor in leading strategic, mission-critical projects for small and large, national and global companies; and widely recognized as a keen analytical, technical, and customer-focused professional.

Mary provides advanced Business Augmentation, leveraging strong relationship management skills and understanding international security laws to enhance business growth. To increase market share, margins, and new revenue streams, she restructures IT systems and installs compliant leading-edge technologies.

Mary’s specialties include IT Security, Embedded Software Integrations, Converged Technologies, Network Security Design, Program Management Infrastructures, SABSA Models, Project Management, IPT, Cisco, Linux, Microsoft. She also teaches graduate-level college courses in advanced technologies.


MS in Telecommunications-Intelligence Networks 


ComPTIA; Network+, Security+, Convergence+, A+

Cisco IP Telephony

Microsoft Professional

SABSA Practitioner

Yellow Belt Six Sigma


Douglas Button

Douglas has been in the security industry for over 35 years, with experience at all levels of consulting, design, implementation and management. He has worked over 20 years at various positions within two different regional security integrators, owned and operated his own small security dealership, served as Physical Security Specialist for a large county and worked for a consulting group. In 2012, Douglas formed Advanced Security Consulting, LLC and has established a broad range of security development and risk management services.  

For his entire career Douglas has engaged in activities related to security development and implementation, working with clients to identify assets and risks, then develop mitigation strategies and programs to ensure the companies goals and objectives can be met. 

Board certified at the highest level by the American Security for Industrial Security as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Douglas has proven his proficiency in all domains of security management. In his career, he has supported nearly every industry and has the expertise to apply security best practices to his client’s challenges. 

In addition to risk assessment and mitigation specialties, Douglas has strong program development skills to assist security management and advanced technical systems expertise for design and implementation.


ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

MN Power Limited Technician