Risk Sentry™

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Risk Sentry™ assessment service from Advanced Security Consulting helps identify, prioritize and mitigate security risks through advanced evaluation activities delivering detailed reports that provide clear objectives and monetized recommendations. 

Our team of subject matter experts provide comprehensive assessments and are skilled at identifying hidden and common risks, and developing effective resolutions for mitigation.

Once our assessment is presented, the Risk Sentry™ portal provides access to all reports and recommendations, with tools to help easily identify top risks across the enterprise, and track progress through the mitigation process. 

Risk Sentry™ helps eliminate the unknown and put you in control of security risk.


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Risk Sentry™ Objectives


Interview Stakeholders

We interact with your security stakeholders to learn about the challenges they face. We meet with your leadership team to understand the organizations mission. We observe staff to identify daily operations.


Establish Parameters

Every organization has unique strengths and weaknesses that affect risk appetite. We learn your organization's makeup and identify the parameters that help define risk in relation to your operations. 


Establish Scope

The risk assessment program can be very detailed and cover all aspects of your organization, or they can be focused on specific challenges and concerns. 


Establish Scale

A global organization may include all regions and sites, or select specific sites for evaluation.


Establish Baseline

We review existing conditions through surveys, interviews and observation activities to understand your current state of operations and identify risks.


Deep Analysis

We assess all information collected to identify and rank risks across the organization, then perform analysis on each risk to establish ratings which are used to develop response recommendations.



All information is delivered in a report presentation with graphical representation identifying potential cost of risk, recommendations for mitigation and projected costs. 


Implement Response

We work with your leadership and security teams to establish a governance model, prioritize risks, create a budget and develop a response plan.

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Your risks are our first priority. Our experts work with you to develop a risk assessment plan that ensures the highest level of preparedness. 


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Quick Sentry

  Risk assessment programs can seem overwhelming, difficult to budget and challenging to gain participation. Quick Sentry provides a low-cost approach to assist your organization through the initial development of Risk Sentry™. We work with your teams to engage management, identify stakeholders, create parameters and establish goals that will guide a strategic approach to a thorough risk assessment and help ensure an effective outcome. The results of the Quick Sentry plan will provide better visibility to both activity and cost of your organization's risk assessment, and allow for a systematic approach to help manage resources and ensure success.  

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